Create a menu

Expression Studio 1.0

Menus provide additional navigation to your compositions.

To create a menu

  1. Click the vertical Menu tab (to the left of the Layers panel) to expand it.

  2. Drag an image or a hotspot from the Layers panel onto the Menu tab, or right-click an image or a hotspot and then click Add to Menu.

    The name of the image or hotspot appears on the Menu tab.

  3. You can adjust your menu by doing any of the following on the Menu tab:

    • Add a new menu item by clicking New Item Icon_AddReportingURL. You can use added menu items to organize menu items that link to specific images and hotspots, as illustrated in the following figure:

      "Flowers" and "Animals" menu items added to organize images

    • Change the order of the images and hotspots by clicking the name of an image or a hotspot and then clicking the Move up arrow Icon_NudgeUp or the Move down arrow Icon_NudgeDown at the top of the tab.

    • Change the hierarchy of an image or a hotspot relative to the image or a hotspot above it by selecting it and then clicking the Move left icon Icon_NudgeLeft or the Move right icon Icon_NudgeRight.

    • Rename an image or a hotspot by right-clicking a name and then clicking Rename.


      Renaming an image or a hotspot on the Menu tab renames only what the user sees on the menu itself. It does not rename the image or hotspot elsewhere in Deep Zoom Composer.

    • Remove an image or a hotspot from the menu by clicking it and then clicking the Delete icon Icon_Delete, or by right-clicking it and then clicking Delete.

You can test your menu by clicking the Preview button in the Export workspace, and then, in the Deep Zoom Composer preview window, clicking the Menu icon dz_Icon_Preview_Menu in the upper-left corner of the preview window.

Export Preview without callouts

For more information, see Preview in a browser on export.

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