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Expression Studio 1.0

Working with large numbers of images

Manually composing your layout is fine for a moderate number of images. If, however, you're working with hundreds or even thousands of images, you may want to use a Microsoft Silverlight application to arrange and position your content at run time. Many popular examples of Deep Zoom, such as the Hard Rock Cafe Ff742215.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.10).png site, use this kind of on-the-fly positioning and arranging. With Deep Zoom Composer, after importing your images, you can skip the composition step and go straight to exporting.

To export without composing

  1. After importing your images, click the Export button to go to the Export workspace.

  2. In the Settings panel, choose Silverlight Deep Zoom as the Output Type, and select Export as a collection (multiple images).

  3. In the Templates drop-down list, choose Tag Browser.


    The Tag Browser template is the only template that currently supports rearranging images on the fly in a browser. You don't have to have added tags to your images to use the Tag Browser template, although adding tags to images gives you more flexibility in how you can manipulate and filter your exported images.

  4. Adjust your Image settings as necessary.

  5. Click the Export button.

    You can preview your exported collection in a browser by clicking Preview in Browser in the Export Completed dialog box that appears when Deep Zoom Composer has finished exporting your images.

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