What's new

Expression Studio 1.0

The latest preview of Deep Zoom Composer includes the following new or enhanced features.


When you export a collection of images for Microsoft Silverlight, you can vary the amount of functionality your collection has when viewed in a browser by choosing a template to export with. Deep Zoom Composer templates range from adding full Deep Zoom Composer functionality to your collection to adding no functionality but creating a directory structure for your images that you can then easily use in Microsoft Expression Blend or Microsoft Visual Studio. You can also create custom templates and import them for use in Deep Zoom Composer.

For more information, see Export for Silverlight and Export without composing.

Navigation features

New navigation features allow you to add basic navigation and interaction to your Deep Zoom images and hotspots. The navigation options include the following:

  • Slide shows.

  • Menus.

  • Internal links.

  • External links.

  • Visibility limits.

  • Tooltips.

For more information, see the topics under Adding interactivity.


If you want to define a section of your composition to add specific functionality to, you can create a hotspot in your composition. Hotspots function much like images: you can move them, resize them, change their stack order, and add navigation to them.

For more information, see Create a hotspot.


Deep Zoom Composer includes the basic functionality to track mouse-click data, or impressions. For example, if you use hotspots to create clickable regions in your collection, you can track data and create a report that tells you which hotspots are clicked most frequently.

For more information, see Track page usage.

Workspace enhancements

You may notice subtle changes in the workspaces, including the following:

  • In the Compose workspace, the Image panel is now located at the bottom of the application window, and the Layers panel is located on the right side of the application window.

  • The toolbar is now located on the left side of the application window.

  • The updated Properties panel has new features, including the ability to create tooltips and set visibility limits for your images and hotspots.

For more information about the Deep Zoom Composer workspaces, see Adjusting your workspace.

For more information about creating tooltips and setting visibility limits, see Add tooltips to images and hotspots and Set visibility limits for images and hotspots.

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