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TfsTeamProjectCollectionFactory.GetTeamProjectCollection Method (RegisteredProjectCollection, ICredentialsProvider)

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Gets the TfsTeamProjectCollection instance that is associated with the specified RegisteredProjectCollection instance and fallback credentials provider.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll)

<ObsoleteAttribute("This method has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. See GetTeamProjectCollection(RegisteredProjectCollection) instead.",  _
	False)> _
Public Shared Function GetTeamProjectCollection ( _
	projectCollection As RegisteredProjectCollection, _
	fallbackCredentialsProvider As ICredentialsProvider _
) As TfsTeamProjectCollection


Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.RegisteredProjectCollection

The RegisteredProjectCollection that contains information about the server.

Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.ICredentialsProvider

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.TfsTeamProjectCollection
The TfsTeamProjectCollection instance that is associated with the server that is described in the specified RegisteredProjectCollection.

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