ITeamProjectCollectionServicing.QueueAttachCollection Method (String, IDictionary<String, String>, Boolean)

Queues attachment of collection that has the given connection String. This overload will use the existing collection properties to create the collection.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll)

ServicingJobDetail QueueAttachCollection(
	string databaseConnectionString,
	IDictionary<string, string> servicingTokens,
	bool cloneCollection


Type: System.String

The connection String of the collection to attach.

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<String, String>

Replacement strings for tokens in collection creation servicing steps.

Type: System.Boolean

True if this collection should be a clone of the collection that was detached. If true, the collection instance id will get regenerated.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Client.ServicingJobDetail
Returns the servicing job result which contains the job and host Id