Team Queries (Scrum)

You can manage your workload more effectively by frequently identifying the product backlog items, tasks, impediments, and other work items on which you want to take action. To more easily find all such work items in a particular team project, you can run the queries that are built in to the process template for Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0.

You can open these queries from Team Explorer by expanding your team project node, expanding Work Items, and then expanding Team Queries, as the following illustration shows:

Sreenshot showing scrum team queries

To run work item queries, you must have the appropriate permissions. For more information, see Organize and Set Permissions on Work Item Queries and Team Foundation Server Permissions.

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You can manage work more effectively in Team Foundation by using the following tips:

  • You can modify any query by adding criteria to focus on a product area, an iteration, or another field that is defined for the types of work items that you want to find. To modify a query, right-click it, and then click Edit. For more information, see Specify Query Filter Criteria.

  • You can open any query in Office Excel and Office Project, where you can modify the query and publish your changes to the database for tracking work items. For more information, see Create, Open, and Modify Work Items Using Office Excel.

For more information about how to work with queries, see Finding Bugs, Tasks, and Other Work Items.

Your product owner can plan and track product backlog items and bugs in the product backlog by using the Product Backlog query. Your team can arrange and track sprints by using the team query of All Sprints. You can find work items that are assigned to the current sprint by using the team queries that are listed under the Current Sprint folder.


The project administrator for each team project defines area and iteration paths for that project so that the team can track progress by those designations. For more information, see Create and Modify Areas and Iterations.

Team Query


Product Backlog

Lists all product backlog items and bugs that are assigned to the root iteration. Product backlog items and bugs are sorted by backlog priority.

All Sprints

Lists all sprints for the team project and sorts them by start date.

Blocked Tasks

Lists all tasks in the current sprint that have been marked as Blocked.

Open Impediments

Lists all open impediment work items in the current sprint.

Sprint Backlog

Lists all product backlog items, bugs, and their linked tasks that your team has committed to complete in the current sprint.

Test Cases

Lists all test cases in the current sprint and sorts them by priority.

Unfinished Work

Lists all product backlog items, bugs, and their linked tasks that have not been marked as Done in the current sprint.

Work in Progress

Lists all tasks in the current sprint that are marked as In Progress.

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