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Finger Fountain

The Finger Fountain sample application displays small images when it receives a Microsoft Surface touch input event. Each image then shrinks and finally disappears after a certain amount of time passes.

Finger Fountain sample application

API Concepts Exposed

This sample shows how to:

  • Build basic Microsoft XNA rendering functionality and connect it to multitouch Microsoft Surface applications. An XNA application must use the Core layer to provide Microsoft Surface touch functionality.

  • Enable Microsoft Surface input in an XNA application. The XNA framework includes an overrideable Initialize function. From this function, the Finger Fountain sample calls the InitializeSurfaceInput method to enable Microsoft Surface input.

  • Obtain a touch point collection. The sample's Update method overrides the XNA Update method. The sample obtains a snapshot of the current touch points in this overridden Update method.

  • Insert sprites at the position of a touch point. The sample reviews each touch point in the touch point collection, determines what type of touch point exists, and draws a sprite where it is appropriate.

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