Controls Box

The Controls Box sample application shows how to create a touch-enabled user interface for a Microsoft Surface application with minimal code.

Controls box sample application

API Concepts Exposed

This sample shows how to:

  • Use the Presentation layer to create a user interface.

  • Use C# code to add logic to event handlers.

  • Use Microsoft Surface versions of button, check box, and slider controls to accept touch input.

  • Respond to events that the Microsoft Surface controls generate.

  • Use localization for one or more supported languages.

The Controls Box sample has been localized for Spanish. Localized strings are contained in the Resources\ file, and a localized version of the application registration XML file exists in the InstalledAppInfo\es-ES folder.

To view the Spanish version of the sample on a device made for Surface, run the InstalledAppInfo\es-ES\ControlsBox.bat file, which will change the Surface registry settings in the InternationalSupport subkey. Alternatively, you could use the International Support page of the Surface Configuration Editor to set the UI language and Locale to Spanish. You must restart Surface Shell before changes to the localization settings will take effect.

The localized version of the Controls Box sample

The Spanish version of the Controls Box sample, as viewed in Launcher

To view the Spanish version of the sample on a computer other than a device made for Surface, you must change the Windows 7 globalization settings. For more information, see Testing Localized Applications.

You can add extra controls to this sample application by using Microsoft Expression Blend 4. You can also use Expression Blend 4 to view the XAML and C# code.

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