ThumbsFromMarkers sample

Expression Studio 4.0

The ThumbsFromMarkers sample is a console application that demonstrates how to add markers to a media file and extract thumbnail images from the video. To use it, run the built application at the command prompt, with the full path of a valid media file and the number of markers and thumbnails that you want, as shown in the following example.

ThumbsFromMarkers c:\users\public\video\sample videos\bear.wmv 10

For each marker that you generate, a corresponding thumbnail will be generated.

When you run this application, it divides the duration of the media file by the number of markers that you specify, including a marker representing the start of the file, and adds those markers at the calculated intervals. After encoding the file, the application saves it, along with the thumbnails (as individual .jpg files), in the C:\output folder.

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