Content or markup blocks search engines from analyzing your site

Expression Studio 4.0

Blocked-content rules identify content or markup that blocks search engines from analyzing your site.

Blocked content overview

Blocked content is content or code that would improve search-engine rankings but is inaccessible to search-engine analysis. This generally results in reduced search-engine ranking.

The Microsoft Expression Web SEO Checker evaluates your site using a subset of known search-engine behavior patterns.

Blocked-content problems

The Expression Web SEO Checker detects and reports the following conditions.

The hyperlink contains a nofollow attribute value

A hyperlink that contains the value nofollow for the http-equiv attribute will not be analyzed and followed by search engines. If a hyperlink points to content that is relevant to the site, the search ranking of the site may be reduced.

For more information, see WEB1012 - The hyperlink contains a 'nofollow' attribute value.

The hyperlink contains too many query string parameters

Most search engines will analyze and follow only the first three query string parameters.

For more information, see WEB1021 - The hyperlink contains too many query string parameters.

The attribute values in <meta name="robots"> are not used correctly

Incorrectly using the attribute values nofollow or noindex in the <meta name="robots"> tag may significantly change the search-engine results for your site.

For more information, see WEB1037 - Make sure 'nofollow' and 'noindex' are used correctly in <meta name="robots">.

The hyperlink contains an invalid character

The hyperlink contains a carriage-return character. Because search engines analyze HTML as a single string, any relevant terms that appear after the carriage-return character may not be indexed.

For more information, see WEB1040 - The hyperlink contains an invalid character.

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