WEB1056 - There is more than one canonical link

Expression Studio 4.0

Each page should contain only one canonical link.


A canonical link communicates the preferred version of a URL to search engines. A canonical link is defined in the <head> tag section of a page.


Many sites, particularly database-driven sites, can display the same page using different URLs that include session IDs or other parameters. Different links to the same page are indexed as separate pages by search engines. For example, the following URLs resolve to the same page:

  • http://www.proseware.com/product.php?item=software&category=server

  • http://www.proseware.com/product.php?item=software&category=server&sessionid=1957

If you specify the preferred version in a canonical link, search engines will treat duplicate links as all pointing to the canonical link.


The following is an example of a correctly formatted canonical link.

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.proseware.com/more.html"/>

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