WEB1015 - The hyperlink contains a session ID

Expression Studio 4.0

A hyperlink should not include an ASP.NET, PHP, or JSession session ID.


Hyperlinks with different session IDs will be analyzed by search engines as pointing to different pages, even if they point to the same page.


The following hyperlinks contain examples of session IDs:

  • <a href="/(S(tmhxeji1v4maon55dnz2nkzu))/sample.aspx">ASP.NET session id link</a>

  • <a href="/?PHPSESSID=0f6b9360de71f62fefcceaddacf35f36">PHP session id link</a>

  • <a href="/index.action?jsessionid=314CA23119DAD4D69A25699156B0FC7D">jsessionid link</a>


The following is an example of a correctly formatted hyperlink.

<a href="http://www.proseware.com/">Proseware Home</a>

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