Folders view
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Folders view

Expression Studio 4.0

In Folders view, you can see detailed information about the files and folders in a site.

Columns in Folders view

The detailed information in Folders view is available in columns. Click a column heading to sort by that item.

  1. Name   Displays the file or folder name.

  2. Size   Displays the file size.

  3. Type   Displays the file type.

  4. Modified Date   Displays the date and time the file was last modified.

  5. Modified By   Displays the user name of the person who last modified the file.

Subfolders in Folders view

You can right-click a subfolder in Folders view to see details about that subfolder, including the full path to the subfolder in the source site, the number of files inside the subfolder, and the size of the subfolder.


Three checkboxes are visible but dimmed for subfolders.

  1. Allow scripts or programs to run

  2. Allow anonymous upload to this directory

  3. Allow uploaded files to overwrite existing filenames

You cannot change these options.

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