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Expression Studio 4.0

When you are working with list boxes, it is common to want to demonstrate the action of removing an item from a list box. You can quickly demonstrate that behavior by using the RemoveItemInListboxAction behavior.


The RemoveItemInListboxAction behavior works only inside a data template to remove a list box item from its parent, a data-bound list box.

To add a RemoveItemInListboxAction

  • In the Assets panel, click Behaviors, and then drag RemoveItemInListboxAction onto the object that you want to apply the action to.


    This behavior has no properties that have to be modified. The only requirement is that this behavior be placed on an element inside the ItemTemplate of a ListBox control.

To see a sample of this behavior, visit the Expression Community Gallery Ff724031.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

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