WEB1003 - The <noframes> tag is missing

Expression Studio 4.0

Each page that contains a <frameset> tag should have a <noframes> tag.


This page contains content embedded in a <frame> tag. Consider providing relevant search terms in a <noframes> tag inside the <frameset> tag.


Search engines will not index the contents of one page embedded in another page as a <frame> page. If a page embedded in a <frame> tag is not directly linked to from another page in your site, its contents may not be indexed by search engines at all. If it is directly linked to from elsewhere in your site, or if the direct link is included in a <noframes> tag, it will be indexed, but its contents will not be indexed as belonging to the page that contains the <frame> tag.


The following is an example of a page in a <frame> tag with a direct link to the embedded page included in the <noframes> tag.

<frameset cols="50%, 50%">
     <frame src="main.html">
     <frame src="table_of_contents.html">
          <p>Proseware is a producer of software applications and server tools.
          <a href="main-noframes.html">Learn more about Proseware.</a></p>

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