WEB1037 - Make sure 'nofollow' and 'noindex' are used correctly in <meta name="robots">

Expression Studio 4.0

Make sure the attribute values in the <meta name="robots"> tag are used correctly.


Using the attribute values nofollow and noindex in the <meta name="robots"> tag may significantly change the search-engine results for your site. Make sure that you have applied these attribute values correctly.


Robots.txt is the file that search engines use to determine which pages they should crawl. Make sure that you use the nofollow and noindex attributes correctly in the <meta name="robots"> tag.

The nofollow attribute instructs a search engine to index the content of the current page but to ignore the targets of hyperlinks on that page.

The noindex attribute instructs a search engine to ignore the contents of the current page and continue indexing the other pages in the site.

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