WEB1018 - Hyperlinks that point to a directory should end in a slash (/)

Expression Studio 4.0

Each URL that points to a directory in a site should end with a slash mark (/).


Most pages in a site contain at least one hyperlink to a URL that points to a directory (such as www.proseware.com/news/). If several hyperlinks in which the URL target is the same directory are formatted differently, they may be treated as separate links.


Different hyperlinks in which the URL target is a directory, one of which ends with a slash mark (/), are indexed differently by search engines. For example, http://www.proseware.com/news and "http://www.proseware.com/news/" refer to the same directory, but would be analyzed as pointing to different directories.


Some search engines will correctly resolve differently formatted references to directory if it is declared in a canonical link.

For more information, see WEB1057 - Canonical links are not defined inside the <head> tag section


The following is an example of a correctly formatted hyperlink.

<a href="http://www.proseware.com/news/">Proseware News</a>

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