WEB1012 - The hyperlink contains a 'nofollow' attribute value

Expression Studio 4.0

A relevant hyperlink should not contain the value nofollow for the rel attribute.


A hyperlink that contains the value nofollow for the rel attribute will not be analyzed and followed by search engines. If a hyperlink points to content that is relevant to the site, the search ranking of the site may be reduced.

If you're sure that you want to prevent search engines from following this hyperlink, consider adding the target of the hyperlink to the robots.txt file and removing the rel attribute from the hyperlink.


This rule is triggered when the SEO Checker encounters a hyperlink similar to the following:

<a href="http://www.proseware.com/example.html" rel="nofollow">Example</a>


The following is an example of a correctly formatted hyperlink.

<a href="http://www.proseware.com/example.html">Proseware Home</a>

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