Add content to the artboard

Expression Studio 4.0

The following tools are useful for creating content from scratch.

Pencil tool

You can use the Pencil tool Ff723929.509dc167-734f-46c9-b012-987ee63450cd(en-us,Expression.40).png to quickly draw a shape or a freeform path.

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To view all the path tools, right-click the tool that is visible in the Tools panel.


Copy and paste images

You can copy an image from anywhere on your desktop and then paste it onto the artboard. You can also add an image by using the Project menu.

For more information, see Insert an image file into the active document.

Sketch controls

Because polished user interface (UI) elements can distract from reviewing the interactive design instead of the look of an application, SketchFlow includes a set of styles that give the standard controls a hand-sketched look while maintaining all their functionality.

SketchStyles is the default style when you open a SketchFlow project. If you don't want SketchStyles to be the default style, in the Assets panel, under Styles, right-click SketchStyles, and then clear Set as default style.

The SketchStyles set includes the following controls, which may be particularly useful when creating prototypes:

  • Note-Sketch control   The Note-Sketch control is a read-only text box that is styled to look like a sticky note. You can use the Note-Sketch control to leave notes that are styled to look like notes in the prototype, or use the notes as placeholders on the artboard.


    Note-Sketch controls are available only in SketchFlow projects.

  • Rectangle control   The Rectangle-Sketch control can be used throughout your prototype for a consistent look.

Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files

You can import Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files to quickly draw a shape or a freeform path.

For more information about importing Photoshop files, see Import an Adobe Photoshop file.

For more information about importing Illustrator files, see Import an Adobe Illustrator file.

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