SketchFlow workspace

Expression Studio 4.0

Most of the SketchFlow workspace is the same as the Microsoft Expression Blend workspace. In addition to the default Expression Blend tools, the SketchFlow workspace includes three panels that are not available in a regular Expression Blend project.

For more information about the Expression Blend workspace, see Areas of the workspace.

You can also create a custom workspace for SketchFlow projects.

For more information about creating a custom SketchFlow workspace, see Create a custom SketchFlow workspace.

Custom SketchFlow workspace

SketchFlow Feedback panel   You can view feedback that has been left for a prototype in the SketchFlow Feedback panel. Text feedback appears directly in the panel. You can view multiple feedback files, and switch between feedback files in the SketchFlow Feedback panel drop-down list.

For more information about viewing feedback in the SketchFlow Feedback panel, see Leave feedback for a prototype.


SketchFlow Animation panel   By using the SketchFlow Animation panel, you can easily create an animation that represents interactive elements on a screen. SketchFlow animations make it quick and easy to create a simple flipbook-style animation sequence without your having to use the keyframe animation tools that are available in Expression Blend. You can also use animation to display different visual states of a particular element or represent the interaction with the elements on the screen.

For more information about creating SketchFlow animations, see Add interactivity.


Artboard   The artboard gives you a view of individual screens on which you can draw by using any of the drawing tools in Expression Blend, into which you can import images from Adobe Photoshop, and in which you can use the full range of controls available in Expression Blend for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft Silverlight.

The artboard is not specific to SketchFlow projects. In addition to the Expression Blend artboard, all other Expression Blend tools, including the full range of Expression Blend panels, are available when working in SketchFlow projects.

For more information about the artboard, see Create content on the artboard.


SketchFlow Map panel   The SketchFlow Map panel is a visual representation of the application flow. You can use the SketchFlow map to create the navigation for your prototype, beginning with the first screen, and following the user interaction to the final action.

For more information, see Create an application flow.

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