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Expression Studio 4.0

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is available only in Expression Encoder Pro.

DRM is a technology that you can use to protect your distributed content. In order to use DRM in Microsoft Expression Encoder, you must encode your video using the IIS Smooth Streaming output option, and you must use a Microsoft Silverlight template. Once you implement DRM in your content, anyone who wants to view it must have a license. In addition, you can specify what actions the user can perform with your content, from merely playing it back to possibly copying and distributing it.

There are many ways to implement DRM. Expression Encoder creates encrypted content that is compliant with Microsoft PlayReady technologies. After implementing PlayReady DRM, you can freely post your content to your web server, or you can broadcast it live, with the confidence that your content will not be used in any way that you have not specified. The licensing, which you obtain from the PlayReady server, can be specific to your location, your device, or your network domain.

Advantages of PlayReady

PlayReady supports DRM for many scenarios in which you offer your content for use or distribution, including the following:

  • Downloading and streaming content using a Silverlight template.

  • Providing your content for time-based use by either subscription or rental.

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