Creating a live broadcast

Expression Studio 4.0

After you have set all your local and network options and prepared your files and sources, you are ready to perform a live broadcast. If you have not yet performed these tasks, for more information about preparing for a live broadcast, see Create a Live Broadcasting session.

To begin your live broadcast

  1. Make sure that you have set all your options and that your video and audio input devices, such as microphones and cameras, are functioning.

  2. To cue your initial source, decide which source you want to activate first, and then click Cue in that source's preview window. The button will turn green when the source is ready.

  3. At bottom of the Preview panel, click Start. If you are pushing your content to a Windows Media server or Live Smooth Streaming server, and you have not already connected to it, you may be prompted now to enter authentication information. After the connection is confirmed, your broadcast begins.

  4. As you broadcast your presentation, do the following:

    • Monitor your performance in the Preview panel. The Preview panel displays your live and file-based sources as they play, and the green bar to the right of the Preview panel displays the audio levels.

    • To switch to other live-based and file-based sources, click Cue on the source that you want to activate. You can click Cue on any source at any time to switch to it. Note that if one file source is still playing when you switch to another source, when you return to the first source, it will resume playing at the point at which it paused when you switched sources. If you set a video file source to Play then hold, when it has finished playing, the Restart button on the file thumbnail is activated. Click Restart to play the file again if you want to repeat it.

    • To activate a script command, such as a caption, click the Send button that corresponds to the row that contains the command that you want to activate at the time that you want to activate it. As the broadcast airs, or the saved file plays back, the script command executes, or is displayed, until you click Send on another row.

  5. When you are finished broadcasting, click Stop.

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