Understanding a Live Broadcasting Project

Expression Studio 4.0

If you want to create a live broadcast from various live and file-based sources, work in the Live Broadcasting Project. In the Live Broadcasting Project, you can assemble a complete program, encode it, encrypt it with Digital Rights Management (DRM), and, using smooth streaming technology, instantly distribute your program to your audience. With IIS Smooth Streaming, you can be sure that your content will retain high playback quality, in real time, in several environments. If you want more editing and output options, use either the Silverlight Project or the Transcoding Project. You can also save your live broadcast as a file that you can then open in a Silverlight Project or a Transcoding Project to give you more editing and output options.

You would generally use the Live Broadcasting Project to accomplish the following:

  • Creating a Live Smooth Streaming broadcast that you can push to a Live Smooth Streaming Publishing Point.

  • Creating a live broadcast suitable for most multicast streaming scenarios.

  • Creating a video podcast, with the ability to use live and saved sources in your show.

This Project, by default, includes some of the same panels as are in the Transcoding Project and the Silverlight Project, such as the Presets, Encode, Metadata, and Output panels. In addition, this Project adds the following panels:

  • Script Commands   Use this panel to type your captions or other script commands.

  • Statistics   Use this panel to keep track of various input and output functions that are occurring as you create your live broadcast.

  • Connections   Use this panel to keep track of the all the network connections that are occurring as you stream your content.

  • Activity Log   Use this panel to display the start and stop time of your live broadcasts. This panel also displays the file sources that you added and the live devices that you selected.

  • Live and File Sources   Use this panel to cue and control your connected live sources and your saved file sources.

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