Using the Connections panel

Expression Studio 4.0

Use the Connections panel to keep track of the all the network connections that are occurring as you stream your content. Depending on whether you have chosen Publishing point or Direct Connections as your streaming option, the Connections panel will display the server information for the corresponding choice.

The Connections panel displays the following categories of information:

  • Publishing point   Displays information about the publishing server, including server status and number of connections.

  • Direct Connection   Displays the IP addresses of each user who is connected to your local port and receiving your streamed output.

  • URLs   Displays URLs of the locations to which you are pushing or from which you are pulling content. This corresponds to the streaming option that you chose. The General and Alternative listings pertain to publishing point content being pushed to a server. They display the addresses of the servers to which you are pushing content. The General listing displays the server to which you are pushing content, and the Alternative listing displays that server's publishing point. The Internet and LAN listings pertain to direct connection content that you are broadcasting from a local port. The Internet listing displays the Internet location from which you are broadcasting, and the LAN listing displays the port from which the broadcast is streaming.

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