Enable your audio and video sources for Screen Capture

Expression Studio 4.0

Once you have started Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture, you have to connect to and then enable your audio and video sources. In general, any input device that your computer recognizes, such as a microphone or webcam, can be used as a screen capture source.

To enable your audio and video sources for screen capture

  • On the Expression Encoder Screen Capture main window, click Audio The Audio button. to enable your audio device. Click Webcam The Webcam button. to enable your webcam. Hover over the button to view the webcam image. Click the respective button again to disable your webcam or audio device.


    If you have several audio or video devices, you may have to choose which one to use. You can do this on the Audio and Camera settings tabs. For more information about these tabs, see Set Screen Capture Edit options.

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