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Expression Studio 4.0

Live Smooth Streaming is available only in Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro.

Live Smooth Streaming is the live broadcasting extension of standard smooth streaming. Standard smooth streaming content is encoded as IIS Smooth Streaming files, which are delivered to a publishing point and streamed on demand. Live Smooth Streaming uses the same encoding methods and creates the same file types. However, the stream happens in real time as you broadcast, which can range from a simple lecture or meeting to a complex multimedia production, consisting of various live-based and file-based sources. If you want to use Live Smooth Streaming, your live streams can be encoded using either VC-1 or H.264 codecs, but your output format must be IIS Smooth Streaming.

If you want to, you can also add Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption to your Live Smooth Streaming session. If you do, users viewing your content will need a license to view it. For more information about DRM, see Working with Digital Rights Management.

Microsoft Expression Encoder contains all the tools that you need to create a successful Live Smooth Streaming session. As it does with standard smooth streaming, your publishing server requires Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), the Smooth Streaming extension for IIS7, and Microsoft Silverlight for Live Smooth Streaming.

For more information about setting up your Live Smooth Streaming session, see Setting up a Live Smooth Streaming broadcast.

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