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Expression Studio 4.0

In Microsoft Expression Encoder, you have a choice of three different workspaces in which to assemble your media. These workspaces are called projects. Each project presents a unique layout and appearance, and each includes all the tools you need to create the output associated with that project. With the exception of screen capture, you will do all your work in Expression Encoder in a project. When you first start Expression Encoder, you can choose to open a Transcoding Project, a Silverlight Project, or a Live Broadcasting Project.

The Transcoding Project

If you want to assemble your digital media sources, edit them, add overlays and captions to them, and encode them as VC-1 or H.264 files without using Silverlight templates, open a Transcoding Project. A Transcoding Project provides you with the tools to quickly build, edit, and encode your job for several playback scenarios.

For more information about working in a Transcoding Project, see Creating a Transcoding Project.

The Silverlight Project

If you want to encode media that is compatible with Silverlight and is embedded in a rich, interactive Silverlight template, open a Silverlight Project. You can perform some edits in this project, but its main purpose is to provide you with a selection of Silverlight templates that you can use for your media, in addition to the ability to both preview your video alone and view a WYSIWYG preview of your project in the template of your choice.

For more information about working in a Silverlight Project, see Creating a Silverlight Project.

The Live Broadcasting Project

If you want to assemble audio and video content on the fly that you can then broadcast to many different clients using Smooth Streaming technology, open a Live Broadcasting Project. In this project, you can cue both live and saved audio and video sources to produce a live broadcast using those sources. You can also choose to save this broadcast to a file for later editing, streaming, or combining with other digital media content.

For more information about working in a Live Broadcasting Project, see Creating a Live Broadcasting Project.

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