Volume Backup Timer Event

The Volume Backup Timer (section MUST be started when the server processes the CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_SET_SHARED_VOLUME_BACKUP_MODE method (section The expiration time of the Volume Backup Timer is designated by the CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_SET_SHARED_VOLUME_BACKUP_MODE DelayTimerInSecs field in the CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_SET_SHARED_VOLUME_BACKUP_MODE method.

When the volume backup timer expires, the server MUST determine whether a backup has been initiated for the associated cluster shared volume. If no backup has been initiated, the server MUST disable backup mode for the cluster shared volume. If the cluster shared volume transitions out of backup mode for any other reason, or if the server detects a backup operation on the cluster shared volume before the volume backup timer expires, then the server MUST cancel the volume backup timer. The method of the server detecting a backup operation is implementation-specific.