Arbitration Timer Event

As specified in CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_GET_ARB_TIMEOUT (section, the point in time when the server starts the Arbitration timer (section is implementation-specific, and the actions performed by the server when the Arbitration timer expires are implementation-specific.

A server typically starts the Arbitration timer when it attempts to take control of a resource that was designated as the quorum resource by a previous call to the ApiSetQuorumResource (Opnum 6) method (section for protocol version 2, or section for protocol version 3). The expiration time of the Arbitration timer is typically designated by the result of the CLUSCTL_RESOURCE_TYPE_GET_ARB_TIMEOUT method (section for the resource type associated with the quorum resource or by other implementation-specific mechanisms. When the Arbitration timer expires, the server typically stops attempting to take control of the quorum resource and typically takes implementation-specific recovery actions, depending on the quorum type (section The server typically cancels the Arbitration timer if it successfully takes control of the quorum resource before the timer expires. When and how the server determines control of a quorum resource is implementation-specific.