A principal aspect of using Spec Explorer as a tool for model-based testing is in the effort to model the system under test (SUT). To model and explore the possible behaviors of an SUT, the modeling effort uses the combination of (1) a model program coded in C# and (2) behavioral descriptions coded in the Cord scripting language. Modeling is the core of using Spec Explorer.

Spec Explorer has a Model Wizard that you can use to generate a static model template containing a minimal skeleton model; see Creating the Solution for details. Spec Explorer also has a more advanced facility for taking a minimal skeleton model and guiding you through the process of programming the model into one that is more custom-fitted to your specific SUT; see Modeling Guidance for more details.

Beyond using a wizard to start the modeling process, this branch of the documentation goes deeper into the details of using Spec Explorer's programming facilities for modeling.

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