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The Web Client Software Factory is an integrated collection of tailored software assets that support composite Web application development. The collection includes the following:

  • Application blocks and libraries. The Composite Web Application Block and ObjectContainerDataSourceControl control are included in the software factory. The software factory also uses Enterprise Library application blocks for security, exception management, logging, and data access.
  • Guidance packages and recipes. The software factory includes multiple recipes and templates. Recipes automate procedures in how-to topics, either entirely or selected steps, and help developers complete routine tasks with minimal input. Templates are prefabricated application elements with placeholders for concrete arguments. They can be used for many purposes, including creating initial solution structures to creating individual solution artifacts, such as project items.
  • Reference implementations. The software factory includes the Global Bank Corporate e-Banking reference implementation and the Order Management implementation. A reference implementation provides an example of a realistic, finished product that the software factory helps developers build.
  • Architecture guidance and patterns. The software factory includes architecture guidance and patterns that help explain application design choices and the motivation for those choices.
  • Technical concepts. This is a set of guidance topics that helps Web developers understand and implement modularity, validation, search, auto-completion and views testability.
  • How-to topics. The software factory includes how-to topics. These are step-by-step instructions that describe how to implement recommended practices in a specific domain.

Figure 1 illustrates the assets of the Web Client Software Factory.


Figure 3

Web Client Software Factory Assets

The software factory also uses the following existing patterns & practices assets:

  • Enterprise Library Application Blocks: Exception Handling Application Block, Logging Application Block, Security Application Block, and Data Access Application Block
  • Guidance Automation Extensions
  • Guidance Automation Toolkit