ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender Control

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Developers can use the ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender control to provide AutoComplete behavior that filters suggested values based on the values in multiple controls on a Web page.

Note: The AjaxControlToolkit AutoComplete extender includes the ContextKey property. With this property, you can pass context information from the Web page to the Web service. The service can use this context information to filter the list of suggested values. If you want to specify the contents of another control on the page (for example, the contents of a text box), you must write JavaScript to populate the ContextKey property with the value of that control. With the ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender, it is easy to specify multiple controls on a Web page that participate in providing context information for the list of suggested values. You do this in the declaration of the ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender control on the page, and you do not have to write client-side JavaScript.

The ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender derives from the AjaxControlToolkit AutoComplete extender. This means it provides the same functionality as the AjaxControlToolkit AutoComplete extenders, such as the completion list, the ability to attach to a target control, and more. In addition, you can specify different controls that contribute context.

Using the Control

For information about how to use the ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender control, see How to: Use the ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender Control.