Composite Web Application Block

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Many line-of-business (LOB) Web sites consist of different systems built by collaborating teams that provide rich user experiences. (An LOB is one of the set of critical computer applications that are vital to running an enterprise, such as supply chain management applications and resource planning applications.) A composite Web application is composed of a number of discrete, functionally complete, pieces. These pieces are integrated within a Web site. The Composite Web Application Block helps architects and developers create composite Web applications.

Not all Web applications are composite, and developers successfully use Visual Studio to create Web applications today. The Web Client Software Factory optimizes the development of composite applications. The Composite Web Application Block included in the Web Client Software Factory implements proven design patterns to help you build composite Web applications.

The Composite Web Application Block is designed to address requests from architects and developers who create Web client applications and need to accomplish the following:

  • Build clients composed of independent, yet cooperating, modules.
  • Separate the concerns of module builders from the concerns of the Web site developer. By doing this, business units can concentrate on developing domain-specific modules instead of the Web architecture.
  • Use an architectural framework to produce a consistent and high quality integrated development.
  • Increase productivity and reduce overall development time by consolidating architect and developer efforts.

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