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The Web Client Software Factory QuickStarts are brief, easy-to-understand illustrations of key software factory activities. QuickStarts are an ideal starting point if you want to gain an understanding of a software factory activity and are comfortable learning new techniques by examining source code. The Web Client Software Factory includes the following QuickStarts:

  • Model-View-Presenter and Model-View-Presenter with Composite Web Application Block. These QuickStarts illustrate the key components in the implementation of the Model-View-Presenter pattern. The former illustrates the pattern implementation within an ASP.NET Web application; the latter shows how to implement the pattern in a Composite Web Client solution, taking advantage of the dependency injection mechanism included in the Composite Web Application Block.
  • ObjectContainerDataSource. This QuickStart illustrates the key usage scenarios of the ObjectContainerDataSource control.
  • Modularity. This QuickStart illustrates the key modularity components in a Web client solution.
  • Ajax Validation. This QuickStart combines ASP.NET asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technologies with the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block and ASP.NET validation controls to provide input validation within a responsive user interface.
  • Real-Time Search. This QuickStart demonstrates how to use the RealTimeSearchMonitor control to add real-time search capabilities to a search form in a Model-View-Presenter scenario.
  • AutoComplete. This QuickStart demonstrates how to use the ContextSensitiveAutcompleteExtender control to filter a list of suggested values based on contextual information.