Controls the registration of a COM server in the running object table (ROT).

Registry Entry

      ROTFlags = flags


This is a REG_DWORD value.

Flag ValueConstant



If a COM server wants to register in the ROT and allow any client to access the registration, it must use the ROTFLAGS_ALLOWANYCLIENT flag. An "Activate As Activator" COM server cannot specify ROTFLAGS_ALLOWANYCLIENT because the DCOM service control manager (DCOMSCM) enforces a spoof check against this flag. Therefore, in Windows Vista and later, COM adds support for the ROTFlags registry entry that allows the server to stipulate that its ROT registrations be made available to any client.

The entry must exist in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive. This entry provides an "Activate As Activator" server with the same functionality that ROTFLAGS_ALLOWANYCLIENT provides for a RunAs server.

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