Common Parameters and Types


The Bing Maps REST Services use many common parameters and types. The topics in this section describe these common parameters and types.

Bing Maps REST URL Structure

Use the base URL for making calls to the Bing Maps REST Services.

Culture Parameter

Use the culture parameter to set the culture so that items such as map labels and route directions are in the desired language.

Output Parameters

Use the output parameter to specify the format of the response, such as JSON or XML.

User Context Parameters

Use the user-context parameters to specify information about the user, such as the user’s location.

Location and Area Types

Use the location types to define a location or geographical area.

Pushpin Syntax and Icon Styles

Use the pushpin syntax to specify pushpins on a map.

Supported Culture Codes

Use the list of supported culture codes to determine the languages supported by the Bing Maps REST Services.