Reference Implementation

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To create client business applications using current Microsoft technologies, see patterns & practices' Prism.

The Smart Client Software Factory includes a reference implementation. A reference implementation is an executable sample application that demonstrates the smart client guidance in action. You can use the reference implementation to see a realistic scenario that incorporates the toolkit guidance.

The software factory includes the source code for the reference implementation. This means that you can copy the source code for the implementation of any particular guidance into your applications. However, the recommended approach for incorporating reusable source code into your application is to use the guidance package. The guidance package provides you with recipes and templates that generate the most commonly used code.

Note: The smart client guidance in the reference implementation exists in the code that you deploy on the client computer. The reference implementation solution contains Web services that are intentionally simple and exist only to support the required scenarios of the client code. They are not intended to be used as guidance for developing Web services.

The Smart Client Software Factory includes the Bank Branch Client reference implementation.