Querying Data Through a Conceptual Model

When you use a conceptual model to describe the data in a database, you can query data through your objects instead of having to translate back and forth between a database schema and an object model.

You can use conceptual models with Entity Framework and WCF Data Services applications. The following topics show how to query data through a conceptual model.



How to: Execute a Query that Returns Entity Type Objects (Entity Framework)

Shows how to get entity data by using LINQ to Entities.

How to: Navigate Relationships Using Navigation Properties (Entity Framework)

Shows how to return data based on relationships between entities.

How to: Return a Specific Object Using its Key (Entity Framework)

Shows how to return an entity by its key.

How to: Filter Data (Entity Framework)

Shows how to filter query results.

Walkthrough: Retrieving Entity Types with a Stored Procedure (Entity Data Model Tools)

Shows how to use a stored procedure to retrieve a collection of entity types.

How to: Execute Data Service Queries (WCF Data Services)

Shows how to query a data service from a .NET Framework application.

How to: Project Query Results (WCF Data Services)

Shows how to reduce the amount of data returned through a data service query.