Extreme XML

Extreme XML

Fun with IXMLHttpRequest and RSS
An Overview of C-Omega
The XML Litmus Test
Designing Extensible, Versionable XML Formats
Secrets of the System.Xml.Schema Namespace
Combining XPath with the XmlReader
Best Practices for Representing XML in the .NET Framework
Death, Taxes, and Relational Databases, Part 2
EXSLT Meets XPath
Revamping the RSS Bandit Application
Secure XSL Transformations in Microsoft .NET
Producing Multiple Outputs from an XSL Transformation
EXSLT: Enhancing the Power of XSLT
Death, Taxes, and Relational Databases, Part 1
XPath Querying Over Objects with ObjectXPathNavigator
Building a Desktop News Aggregator
XML Serialization in the .NET Framework
Adding Custom Functions to XPath
Reverse Linking Explained
Working with Namespaces in XML Schema
Things to Know and Avoid When Querying XML Documents with XPath
XML Namespaces and How They Affect XPath and XSLT
A Dynamic Index: Reinventing the Online Help in XML
Reliable XML Web Services
Simply SOAP
A Survey of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 XML Features
Using Schema and Serialization to Leverage Business Logic
XML Web Service-Enabled Office Documents
A Practical Comparison of XSLT and ASP.NET
The MSDN Table of Contents in C#
UDDI: an XML Web Service
XML Discussion Forum
XML as the API
XML and www.microsoft.com
Some Fun with SAX
ASP.NET ListEditor in C#
Getting Value from XSL Parameters
XInclude, Anyone?
ListEditor: A Useful XML Web Service
Inside MSXML3 Performance, Part 2
Inside MSXML Performance
Streamlining Your Web Site Using XML
What's New in XML for Microsoft Windows 2000
ASP Technology and the XML DOM
Schemas: Tapping the Potential Within
Describe Your Data
Parsing and Sharing
You say Tomato, I say My:Tomato: Using Namespaces Within Your XML Documents
Extra Chunky XML, in Client-Size Servings
Expanded XML Support in Internet Explorer 5
Using XSL to Sort and Filter Your Data
My XML, Your Browser
Cross-Reference Your XML Data
Internet Explorer 5 and XML
XML, Validation, and Extra Cheese
Happy Days Are Here Again: Posting XML to the Server
How Much Is That in Balboas? Accessing the Typed Value of XML Elements via Visual Basic
Let's Go to the Tape: Q & A with a Microsoft XML Guru
Help, My Web Page Needs a Makeover
Get Your Data on Board: Creating XML Data Sources from Relational Databases
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