Contents of Enterprise Library

Enterprise Library is a combination of reusable components, a supporting infrastructure, and guidance. It contains the following:

  • Binaries. The Enterprise Library includes pre-compiled, strong-named assemblies for all the source code. For more information, see Deploying Enterprise Library.
  • Source code. The Enterprise Library includes the source code for the application blocks, the core infrastructure, and the configuration tool.
  • Unit tests. The Enterprise Library includes the unit tests that were created while the application blocks were being developed. For more information, see Unit Tests.
  • Documentation. Enterprise Library includes documentation that can be viewed with the Visual Studio Help system. The documentation includes guidance about how to use the Enterprise Library and a class library reference.

A Migration Guide, a wide range of examples, Hands-On-Labs, and other learning materials are available from the Enterprise Library community Web site.

The following topics describe the contents of Enterprise Library within the context of their function:

Additional features that you can use with Enterprise Library are available from the Enterprise Library Community Site.