About This Release of Unity

About This Release of Unity

This section contains the following topics that will help you to understand this release of Unity and help you understand how to use it alongside earlier versions or migrate your applications to this version. This section includes the following topics:

The following table shows where you can look to find more information about specific topics covered by this guidance.

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What's new in this release of Unity

Changes in This Release

What you can do with Unity

What Does Unity Do?

When you should choose to use Unity

When Should I Use Unity?

How to configure Unity

Configuring Unity

How to use Unity in your applications

Using Unity in Applications

How to resolve objects in Unity

Resolving Objects

How to use injection for methods and properties

Using Injection Attributes

How to use interception

Using Interception in Applications

How to use interception and create policies

Using Interception and Policy Injection

How to use container hierarchies

Using Container Hierarchies

Issues with circular references when using Unity

Circular References with Dependency Injection

How to deploy Unity

Deployment and Operations

The design of Unity

Design of Unity

How to extend and modify Unity

Extending and Modifying Unity

Additional guidance and information

The Community Web Site on CodePlex

For related information, see the following guidance:

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