Extend layer diagrams


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You can write code to create and update layer diagrams, and to validate the structure of your program code against layer diagrams in Visual Studio. You can add commands that appear in the shortcut (context) menu of the diagrams, customize drag-and-drop gestures, and access the layer model from text templates. You can package these extensions into a Visual Studio Integration Extension (VSIX) and distribute them to other Visual Studio users.

For more information about layer diagrams, see:

You must have the following installed on the computer where you want to develop your layer extensions:

You must have a suitable version of Visual Studio installed on the computer where you want to run your layer extensions. For more information, see Deploy a layer model extension.

To see which versions of Visual Studio support layer diagrams, see Version support for architecture and modeling tools.

Add commands and gestures to layer diagrams

Add custom architecture validation to layer diagrams

Add custom properties to layer diagrams

Navigate and update layer models in program code

Deploy a layer model extension

Troubleshoot extensions for layer diagrams

Define and install a modeling extension
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Create layer diagrams from your code
Validate code with layer diagrams
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