Cryptography Application Block Performance Counters

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The following table describes the Cryptography Application Block performance counters.

Performance Counter


Hash Comparisons/sec

The rate at which hash comparisons were performed.

Hash Mismatches/sec

The rate at which hash comparison mismatches were detected.

Hash Operations/sec

The rate at which plaintext was hashed.

Symmetric Decryptions/sec

The rate at which symmetric decryptions were performed.

Symmetric Encryptions/sec

The rate at which symmetric encryptions were performed.

Total Hash Comparisons

The total number of hash comparisons performed.

Total Hash Mismatches

The total number of hash comparison mismatches detected.

Total Hash Operations

The total number of plain text hashing operations performed.

Total Symmetric Decryptions

The total number of symmetric decryptions performed.

Total Symmetric Encryptions

The total number of symmetric encryptions performed.

A rate counter samples an increasing count of events over time and divides the values by the change in time to display a rate of activity. For more information about performance counters, see PerformanceCounterType Enumeration in the .NET Framework Class Library on MSDN.