Implementation View

The Stock Trader RI is based on the Composite Application Library. Figure 1 shows the Stock Trader RI (Desktop version) Solution Explorer.


Figure 1

Stock Trader RI solution view

The StockTraderRI solution includes a Desktop version and a Silverlight version. In the Silverlight solution, almost every class (excluding views in Silverlight) is a link to a file that exists in the Desktop solution. Project Linker was used to create these links. Because of differences between WPF and Silverlight, some classes are defined as partial to add a Desktop-only or Silverlight-only implementation of certain pieces, and #if SILVERLIGHT is used to branch small pieces of code that target Desktop-only or Silverlight-only.

For information about the main elements in the Stock Trader RI, see How the Stock Trader RI Works. To run the Stock Trader RI, see Installing and Running.

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