Stock Trader Reference Implementation

The Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight includes a reference implementation, which is an application that illustrates the baseline architecture. Within the application, you will see solutions for common, and recurrent, challenges that developers face when creating composite applications.

The reference implementation is not a real-world application; however, it is based on real-world challenges customers are facing. When you look at this application, do not look at it as a reference point for building a stock trader application—instead, look at is as a reference for building a composite application.

When looking at this application, it may seem inappropriate to implement it in the way it was implemented. For example, you might question why there are so many modules, and it may seem overly complex. The focus of the Composite Application Guidance is to address challenges around building composite applications. For this reason, certain scenarios are used in the reference implementation to emphasize those challenges.

Figure 1 illustrates the desktop version of the Stock Trader Reference Implementation (Stock Trader RI).


Figure 1

Stock Trader RI

You can use the reference implementation in different ways. You can step through a running example that demonstrates application-specific code built on reusable guidance. You can also copy sections of the source code that implement any particular guidance into your own applications.

The reference implementation was developed using a "test driven" approach and includes automated (unit) tests for most of its components. You can modify the reference implementation and use the unit tests to verify its functionality.

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