Partner Portal Application Implementation Details

This section includes explanations of how various aspects of the Partner Portal application was implemented. These topics are the following:

  • Repositories in the Partner Portal. This topic explains what a repository is and how it is designed and implemented in the Partner Portal application.
  • Product Catalog. This topic shows how the Partner Portal application uses the Business Data Catalog (BDC) to expose product information from a back-end catalog management system to partners.
  • Incident Dashboard. This topic explains how the Partner Portal uses the Content Query Web Part to perform a cross-site query across lists that are found in subsites of the current partner's site collection.
  • Logging and Tracing in the Partner Portal. This topic shows how the Partner Portal application uses the SharePoint logger that is provided by the SharePoint Guidance Library.
  • Product Catalog Search Configuration. This topic shows how to configure the SharePoint Search account and how to search the Contoso product catalog.
  • Subsite Creation Configuration. This topic explains how The Partner Portal application uses a workflow to programmatically create collaboration sites for partner incidents.
  • New Partner Provisioning. This topic explains how to add a new partner to the Partner Portal application.

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