Developing Applications with Enterprise Library

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The latest Enterprise Library information can be found at the Enterprise Library site.

Enterprise Library can be useful in a variety of situations, including the following:

  • Enterprise Library provides enough functionality to support many common scenarios that enterprise-level applications must address.
  • Enterprise Library can serve as the basis for a custom library. You can take advantage of the extensibility points incorporated in each application block and extend the application block by supplying new providers. You can also modify the source code for the existing application blocks to incorporate new functionality. You can develop extensions for existing application blocks and new application blocks yourself, or you can use extensions and application blocks developed by others. Finally, you can add new application blocks to Enterprise Library.
  • Enterprise Library is designed so that its application blocks can function independently of each other. You have to add only the application blocks that your application will use; you do not have to add the entire library.
  • Enterprise Library includes the source code for the application blocks. This means you can modify the application blocks to merge into your existing library or you can use parts of the Enterprise Library source code in other application blocks or applications that you build.
  • Enterprise Library includes documentation, QuickStart samples, and source code. This means that you can use the library as a tool for learning architectural, design, and coding best practices.

This section describes the general procedures for working with Enterprise Library in your applications. You can find details of how to use each of the application blocks in the relevant section for each application block. This section includes the following topics: