ApiOpenCluster (Opnum 0)

(Protocol Version 2) The ApiOpenCluster method establishes context on the server about client interaction with the cluster by means of the current RPC connection. ApiOpenCluster returns a context handle so that the client can refer to the context that is created in subsequent method calls.

The server SHOULD accept an ApiOpenCluster request if its protocol server state is read-only and MUST accept the request for processing if it is in the read/write state, as specified in section 3.1.1.

 HCLUSTER_RPC ApiOpenCluster(
   [out] error_status_t *Status

Status: Indicates the status of this operation. Status MUST be set to ERROR_SUCCESS (0x00000000) to indicate success; otherwise, it MUST return an implementation-specific nonzero value.

Return Values: The method MUST return a valid HCLUSTER_RPC (section context handle to indicate success; otherwise, it MUST return NULL.