Playing a Song from a URI

XNA Game Studio 4.0
Demonstrates how to use the MediaPlayer to play a song from a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Playing a Song from a URI

To play a song from a URI

The following steps show you how to play an .mp3 song located on the Internet.

  1. Set MediaPlayer play state to stopped.

  2. Declare a new instance of Uri using the full URI path to the song.

    Uri uriStreaming = new Uri("");
  3. Use the FromUri method to supply an arbitrary string name for the URI, and then pass the Uri object you created in the previous step.

    Song song = Song.FromUri("StreamingUri", uriStreaming);
  4. Play the song.



Playing a Song
Demonstrates how to play a song from a user's media library.
Media Overview
Provides a high-level overview about the capabilities—such as playing music and video and accessing pictures—of the Media API in XNA Game Studio.


MediaPlayer Class
Provides methods and properties to play, pause, resume, and stop songs. MediaPlayer also exposes shuffle, repeat, volume, play position, and visualization capabilities.
Song Class
Provides access to a song in the song library.