An RPC Server Application Waits for Clients to Open a Named Pipe

The RPC application provides:

  • The name of the pipe.

The server MUST wait on the underlying named pipe object store for clients to open the specified named pipe. When a client opens the pipe as specified in sections, or, or in [MS-SMB2] section, the server MUST initialize a new RPCServerGenericNamedPipeOpen structure as follows:

The RPCServerGenericNamedPipeOpen.ProtocolDialect field MUST be set to an implementation-specific identifier indicating the protocol (either that specified by [MS-CIFS] or by [MS-SMB2]) on which the client opened the pipe. The value derived from Connection.NegotiateDialect specified in [MS-SMB2] section or from Server.Connection.SelectedDialect specified in section can be used as a protocol identifier.

The RPCServerGenericNamedPipeOpen.ProtocolSpecificOpen field MUST be set to the protocol-specific Server.Open constructed as specified in sections or, or in [MS-SMB2] section

The server MUST return the newly-constructed RPCServerGenericNamedPipeOpen structure to the caller.